Video length (mm:ss): 06:30
Meteorological station disassembly
This lesson shows how to disassemble automatic meteorological station. In the lesson all major steps are presented using video clips describing in details the process of disassembly. In the video preparation phase and usage of personal protective equipment is emphasized.
Pages: 13
Radiological node μ-GaRaMo (description and user manual)
PDF on description of radiological node μ-GaRaMo for monitoring gamma radiation in the environment. It includes also user manual of the device which includes gamma monitoring and DTN. It is based on the node designed and built for DTN testbed in Slovenia within N4C project.
Pages: 11
SymbioNode (description)
Document of description of SymbioNode DTN data mule based on USB storage device. DTN data mules acts like a standalone DTN node.
Video length (mm:ss): 02:04
SymbioNode (use case)
Demonstration video about SymbioNode DTN data mule usage based on USB storage device.